God’s Gift to YOU

Isaiah 9:6

If you haven’t done so already, probably within the next 24 hours you’re going to be gathered around a green tree with your family staring at the shapes underneath the tree.

Maybe you’ll be looking for the big one. Maybe you’ll be looking for a small one. Maybe you will be looking for that odd one that betrays what is wrapped up underneath the paper.

But I bet there’s something else you are also looking for. It’s not shape or size it’s letters. You’ll be looking for YOUR NAME. Because it doesn’t matter what those parcels are under the tree it only really matters if one of them has YOUR NAME on it.

Yes the label is the most important part of the present. In Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6. We see the label that God placed on his Son Jesus. Isaiah said:

For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given. (Isaiah 9:6)

God gave Jesus for us. That means for YOU. He placed YOUR NAME on Jesus and Jesus is God’s gift to YOU. God gave YOU that gift because YOU needed it because of YOUR sins YOU deserve to be in hell forever.

But that is not the fate that God wanted YOU to suffer. And so he sent Jesus with YOUR NAME on Jesus. To live and die in YOUR place so that YOUR NAME could be washed clean of all of its guilt and YOUR NAME could be declared forgiven. So that YOUR NAME can be written in the book of life. And YOU can take YOUR place in heaven.

That’s really why we’re gathering around the tree. Not to exchange gifts it’s to remember the great gift that God gave to the whole world in Jesus. And remember that gift has YOUR NAME on it.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Peace Devotions. Amen.

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