Thoughts and Prayers

Jamesa 5:16b

You’re in my thoughts and my prayers.

You can see that posted all over Facebook and online when someone is going through a tragedy or hardship. You’re in my thoughts and my prayers. I think that saying is being used so much that it’s almost empty of its meaning now. It’s like a cliche that we say when anyone is going through a difficulty.

Do we really mean it or are we just saying it to make us feel good?

You’re in my thoughts in my prayers.

The sad thing is that that statement is actually a great comfort. We can approach the throne of grace through our prayers. That’s no small matter. James writes about how big a deal that is in Chapter 5 verse 16. He said

The prayer of a righteous person is able to do much because it is effective. (James 5:16b)

Prayer is effective because we’re approaching the King of Grace. We’re approaching the God of heaven. If there is anyone who can do anything about our difficulties and problems it’s God. And he has given us the right and privilege to approach him and present our requests to him.

We can bring our friends who are hurting.

We can bring the tragedies of the world to his attention.

We can bring our needs and concerns to him and he promises to hear us.

He promises to hear us not because we’ve been good enough to earn his favor but because he loves us in Jesus. Because of Jesus God hears our prayers.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Fill that not only with words, but also with action and approach the God who loves us in the person of Jesus. Amen.

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