I don’t want to lose you.

Matthew 28:20

A dying father and his son were discussing the father’s impending death. The son tearfully stated “dad, I don’t want to lose you.” The father responded “you won’t lose me, whenever you remember me I’ll be right there with you.”

Tho we can understand the sentiment of that statement, is the father really able to deliver on his promise? He is, after all, just a man.

There is only one man who has been able to give and keep a promise like that. That man is Jesus. He said in Matthew chapter 28 verse 20

“And surely I am with you always until the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

Jesus is with us.

He can do this not based on some sentiment, but on the fact that he is not only a man, he is true God. And as true God he is present everywhere. So when Jesus says ‘and surely I am with you always’ he is capable of keeping that promise.

But is he willing? His death and resurrection proved to us that he is not only capable, but also willing to be with us. So no matter where you are in life no matter what difficulties you are going through, no matter how you are hurting,

Jesus is willing and able to be with you. He loves you, and wants to strengthen you, and see you safely into heaven. So lean on him, trust that he has forgiven all of your sins. Trust that he wants the best for you. Trust that he will get you to heaven. Amen.

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