Numbering Our Days Aright

Psalms 90:12

My dad was killed when I was 19. He had been felling trees. One of those trees fell in an unexpected way and somehow caught him and killed him.

I know that my dad didn’t get up expecting to die that day, but that is what happened.

None of us knows the day or the time of our death. But we do know that death is real and so the psalmist teaches us to pray in Psalm 90:

Teach us to number
our days aright,
that we may gain a
heart of wisdom.
—Psalm 90:12

You don’t know the day of your death, but you do know that death is real.

For many, death is the topic that they just don’t want to discuss. They know that it’s real and it’s on the horizon, but they hope that it’s a long way off and they would prefer to bury their heads in the sand rather than think and contemplate upon it. But we need to number our days aright.

We need to realize that our time is limited and we don’t know how limited. We need to see that we need to be prepared for the day that we die. Most people don’t want to talk about death because they don’t want to talk about what happens after death.

For them it’s just a big black question mark. But that’s not how God wants you to approach your death. He wants you to know that in Jesus death is not the end of everything, but through faith in Jesus, the beginning of eternal life. God wants you to be wise as you live out your days, Confident that in Jesus your sins are forgiven and that life in heaven waits for you.

So when will you die? You don’t know, but you know that it’s real. So may you learn to number your days aright and gain the wisdom of God. Then you will no longer fear death. Amen.

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