The Stain of Sin

1 John 1:7b

For about three years I worked in underground mines.

Boy that can be dirty work.

My last job was a driller and often I would come up from underground almost pure black. The oil was so thick and the dirt so hard to remove that often I would shower with a sandy salt to scrub away the dirt. Sometimes not even that would work.

There are some stains that are just hard to remove. Our sins are like that. They stick to us and they stain us. In fact there is nothing that we can do that can cleanse us from those sins, but there is something that can.

The Bible says in first John that the blood of Jesus purifies us from all sin.

And the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin. –1 John 1:7b

If you look at your hands and your life and see the stain of sin, Jesus blood is the answer. He desires to wash you clean and make you holy in God’s eyes. In fact that’s what he does. So that not a spot, not a blemish, not the smallest stain remains.

So when you are troubled by the stain of your sin, wash in the blood of Jesus and you will be clean. Amen.

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