Words on the Cross

Devotional series for Lent focusing on Jesus’ words from the cross with Pastor Tim Hartwig.

  • Words from the Cross 1 - What's your favorite board game? It feels great when the game is going well, but it feels bad when other players make you pay and it can be easy to hold a grudge. Today we join Pastor Tim Hartwig at the foot of the cross to hear Jesus' words of mercy and forgiveness both for those hurting him and for you.
  • Words from the Cross 2 - Have you ever been rejected? We fear rejection because it hurts. Are you hurting? Are you worried? Uncertain? Today we bring you the comforting words of Jesus. Do you know someone in need of comfort? Share the love of Jesus with them today.
  • Perfect Life, Perfect Love - Does your attitude affect your kindness? Does pain affect your ability to love? Thank God for Jesus! Today Pastor Tim Hartwig tells us how Jesus still lived and loved perfectly, even as he was nailed to a cross. And the best part? He did it in your place.
  • Forsaken on the Cross - Have you ever been forsaken? Have you ever been separated from someone you loved? Jesus was forsaken by God so that you won't be. Join us today for a message of forgiveness and comfort from Pastor Tim Hartwig.
  • “I Thirst” - Jesus pain and suffering on the cross was real. We know this because he was thirsty, his body was exhausted. Because his suffering was real, we can be assured that the forgiveness he purchased for us is also real. Join Pastor Tim Hartwig today for a short message of grace and forgiveness.
  • It is Finished. - Jesus came down to Earth for a very specific purpose. As he was dying on the cross he wanted YOU to know that his mission was fulfilled. "It is finished." What was his mission? Pastor Tim Hartwig has the details. Join us today. This Holy Week we encourage you to spend some time in the Bible. Whether it's on your own or with people the people you love set aside a few minutes of your day to read God's Word.
  • Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit - How have you lived? When God the Father looks at what you have done will he be pleased with you? Jesus died at peace. And you can too. Pastor Hartwig has a message of peace for you today.