The Christian Liturgy

Pastor Kyle Madson walks us through the different parts of the Christian church liturgy in this devotional series.

  • That’s my name, (don’t) wear it out. - Watch on YouTube – Watch on Facebook “That’s my name, don’t wear it out.” A mother or father might say that to a person, maybe a teacher or an older brother or sister to a younger sibling. “That’s my name, don’t wear it out.” God says something very different to us, he says “this is my name, wear it out....
  • Poor, Miserable, Sinners - Ever wonder why we call ourselves "poor, miserable, sinners" at the beginning of our church services? While it may sound quite negative, this is actually quite comforting. Pastor Kyle Madson explains why.
  • Your Sins Forgiven You - In church, why does the Pastor say "Your sins are forgiven"? Does he really have the authority to say that? Pastor Kyle Madson explains the comfort that this part of the church service brings.
  • Enter His Gates - Have you ever been allowed into a place that is usually off-limits? Maybe you've experienced this in an exclusive club, or with a back-stage pass, or... on Sunday morning at church?
  • Mercy - What does it mean to "have mercy?" We often say (or sing) this in church, have you ever wondered why? Today Pastor Kyle Madson explains what this means and why it's the most important prayer we have.
  • The Lord be with You - How do you greet your friends? Do you say "The Lord be with you?" Today, as we continue our series on church liturgy with Pastor Kyle Madson, we see Jesus' promise to us, that he will be with us always.
  • What is the Collect? - In our church services we sometimes say a prayer called the Collect. Have you ever wondered why it's named that? Today Pastor Kyle Madson helps us understand this important prayer.
  • Is Church Practical? - Is church practical? Is it useful? How does church serve us or benefit us? Today Pastor Kyle Madson explains the purpose and the practicality of the Bible readings found in church liturgy.
  • What’s Trending? - What's trending? Who is Jesus? Today Pastor Kyle Madson talks about the Christian Creeds in our continuing series on church liturgy.
  • What a Great Sermon! - What makes a sermon great? Today Pastor Kyle Madson shares the most important criteria for knowing if a sermon is great.
  • Prayer of the Church - Do you have a healthy diet? How about a healthy prayer diet? Today Pastor Kyle Madson walks us through the Prayer of the Church and the importance of having a balanced prayer life.
  • The Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy) - In church, why do we do the things we do? As we continue our series on the church service Pastor Madson now brings us to the Service of Communion where we focus on the Sanctus.
  • Hey, look over here! - Hey, look over here! This is pretty much what John the Baptist said when he saw Jesus. We say the same thing in church on Sunday. Pastor Kyle Madson talks about The Angus Dei.
  • The Weight of Holy Communion - Today we continue our series on the church service with Pastor Kyle Madson. As we move into the service of Holy Communion we look at the significance, the weight, of the sacrament, and why it's so important.
  • Table Prayer - "Let these gifts to us be blessed." Today we take a closer look at prayer with Pastor Kyle Madson.
  • What’s in a Name? - What's in a name? Today we join Pastor Kyle Madson to find peace in the name of the Lord.
  • How do you know you are ready to die? - How do you know if you're ready to die? Christians can have peace knowing their sins are forgiven and they are cleansed in God's eyes. Come, hear these comforting words today.