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“Save yourself, and us!”

“Save yourself, and us!” These are the words yelled at Jesus by one of the criminals being crucified alongside him. Join us for a message of peace and forgiveness as Pastor Matt Moldstad shows us how Jesus was indeed saving the people around him, even as he was crucified.

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“I Thirst”

Jesus pain and suffering on the cross was real. We know this because he was thirsty, his body was exhausted. Because his suffering was real, we can be assured that the forgiveness he purchased for us is also real. Join Pastor Tim Hartwig today for a short message of grace and forgiveness.

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King of the Jews

Was it irony that the sign above Jesus’ head read “King of the Jews” or was it divine providence? Today Pastor Matt Moldstad tells us how Pilate is an unexpected prophet of the Passion.

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I Love Lent

What’s your favorite holiday? Most people wouldn’t choose Lent when answering that question. Today Pastor Matt Moldstad tells us why he loves the Lenten season so much and why you should too.