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What is the Collect?

In our church services we sometimes say a prayer called the Collect. Have you ever wondered why it’s named that? Today Pastor Kyle Madson helps us understand this important prayer.

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After Dinner Devotions

Psalm 119:105 We often go to church on Sunday morning, maybe even bible study, send the kids to Sunday school, maybe even send them to a Christian day school. But is there perhaps more to the Christian life that we...

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Family Devotions

Romans 1:16, Psalm 119:105 As a kid growing up I remember every evening my parents sitting down with us as a family at suppertime and after we got finished eating we would spend a little time in God’s Word. Reading...

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Why are we so busy?

Psalm 127:1-2 As a family sometimes our schedule can get crazy. We think about all the things we have to do: pick up Billy from school, drop off Johnny at soccer practice, bring Susie to ballet, and rush home for...

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