Peace Devotion Flash Briefing (on the Amazon Echo)

A “Flash Briefing” is a “skill” which you can add to your Amazon Echo. It usually consists of news or other content which is updated regularly (possibly daily) and can be accessed by asking your echo device ‘What’s new?”

To add Peace Devotions to your Amazon Echo, open the Alexa App on your smartphone or tablet.

Tap on the side menu and then look for the “Skills & Games” option. It is about halfway down the list and should be near or under the “Things to Try.”

In the Skills & games, look for the search button near the top of the page. It will look like a magnifying glass.

Now search for Peace Devotions.

Select Peace Devotions FlashBriefing from the list of results and enable it with the “Enable to use” button.

You now should be able to access the latest Peace Devotion from your echo device by asking “What’s my flash briefing?” or “What’s in the news?”

The Peace Devotions flash briefing will play a different devotion each weekday. New devotions are posted on Mondays and Thursdays and older devotions are re-shared on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.