Are you worried about Covid19? These devotions are specifically geared toward the 2020 global pandemic and the fears, concerns, and worries associated with it.

  • What are the Facts? - What are the facts? As we contemplate the facts around us, it's important to step back and remember facts about God. What facts do we know about God?
  • Your Future Plans - What are your plans for the future? What are God's plans for your future?
  • Jesus Calms My Fear - Jesus has the power to calm even the raging weather. Jesus has the power to calm all the storms that we face in our lives as well.
  • What is God Doing? - What is God doing? When things happen that we don't understand we often stand and demand that God give us an answer. What is he doing? We're expecting God to justify his actions to us. That's actually role reversal.
  • How Should Christians Respond? - As a Christian, how should I respond to covid-19 and all the things happening in the world today?
  • Comfort Your Children - How should you talk to your children about the coronavirus? Today we're joined by Pastor Luke Ulrich who encourages us to comfort the little ones around us with the same love that God shows to us.
  • Is God Punishing Us? - Hebrews 12:5-7 Watch on YouTube – Watch on Facebook Is God punishing us? Is that why he sent this virus? To torment us? He’s unhappy and he’s sitting up in heaven taking out his revenge upon us? Is God punishing us? Many people, when they look at hardships in their life, that’s their conclusion. They think God must be angry...
  • Should You Be Worried? - Does the news have you worried? Does covid-19 make you anxious? In the Bible Jesus tells us not to worry because God knows your needs and will provide.