Covid-19 Devotion List

Are you worried about Covid-19? Does the fear of the pandemic make you anxious? These devotions are specifically geared toward the 2020 global pandemic and the fears, concerns, and worries associated with it.

We hope and pray that you are able to find comfort during this difficult time and that the trials of today serve only to bring you closer to God.

  • Like Inconsequential Birds - We're like little birds sometimes inconsequential to others, but very very precious to God.
  • Be Courageous - Jesus warned his disciples that they would be scattered, but they should not be afraid. Today we find ourselves scattered and fearful. But Jesus' words still ring true today. "Be courageous. I have overcome the world."
  • Throw me a rope! - When was the last time you felt stuck? What do you do when you're feeling trapped? Today Pastor Ulrich encourages us to follow the example of King David and call upon God when we're in need. Because we know he will answer us.
  • A Rare and Beautiful Sight - The world is a place of anger and hostility and kindness shines like a beautiful, glistening diamond.
  • Other Side of the Cemetery - Right now we live in a world that is full of fear. We have this pandemic that is surrounding us. A family friend of ours, an acquaintance, recently came down with Covid 19.
  • Is God Sleeping? - Maybe you've been pouring your heart out to the Lord, just requesting him for aid, and wisdom, and help. And it just seems like there's no answer. You wonder, well is God hearing me? Or is he just sleeping up there in heaven?
  • So much to worry about! - There's so much to worry about today... but should that be our focus? What are you worried about? God the Father knows your needs and promises to provide for you.
  • Is the World Ending? - Is the world ending? Sometimes natural disasters, or pandemics, can cause people to ask that question. They look at the disaster or the trouble that they're in and they think: “this has to be a sign that the world is coming to an end.”
  • What are the Facts? - What are the facts? As we contemplate the facts around us, it's important to step back and remember facts about God. What facts do we know about God?
  • Your Future Plans - What are your plans for the future? What are God's plans for your future?