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What does it mean to “have mercy?” We often say (or sing) this in church, have you ever wondered why? Today Pastor Kyle Madson explains what this means and why it’s the most important prayer we have.


How to Repay Jesus?

Matthew 25:40 You ever struggled to find the right gift for somebody, because it seems as though they have everything they would want or everything they would need? Somebody that’s perfectly contented with whatever they have. It can be a...

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Mark 9:24 Let me ask you a few questions. Are you a Viking fan or are you a Packer fan? Do you like summer or do you like the winter, do you like the cold? Are you a drinking fountain...


All About Me

Romans 14:7-8 Life is pretty hard for my little children sometimes. Now I don’t want you to feel badly for them. I don’t mean they don’t have enough toys or a warm place to sleep or meals. What’s hard for...

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Perfect Resolutions

Luke 9:51 So how are your New Year’s resolutions going? You’ve had a bit of time, what’s the list like? Is it perfectly completed? Does it look curiously like last year’s list? Maybe even exactly, because it needed rework? Resolutions...

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