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Check Your Mirrors

Philippeans 3:13b-14 Check your mirrors! Maybe you can still hear your driving instructor giving that command. Check your mirrors. Know what’s around you. Know what’s coming up on you. Know what’s behind you. That is important advice, but can you...


Are you Anxious?

Philippians 4:6 Does something have you up late at night, tossing and turning, cold sweats? Something gnawing at your stomach? What has you anxious? Relationship? Health? School? Finances? What are we to do with anxiety? God tells us in Philippians...


What does the Bible Say about Resurection?

Ecclesiasties 12:7, Job 29:25-26, Philippeans 3:21 What does the Bible say about resurrection? One day at church, an elderly member of mine was picking up her grandson from catechism class and she asked me: “what does it mean when we...