My Favorite 🕰 of Day


2 Timothy 3:16

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My favorite time of the day is when I get to be with my family at dinner. For us that’s where we get to tell stories about the day, we make up stories with the kids, or we crack jokes, we do trivia. All that is great. All that is fun and yet there is something even more important than that. It’s family devotion time.

This really is close to my heart. This is where we have the opportunity, my wife and I and my kids to go into the Word of the Lord and to learn what he has to teach us. A passage from 2 Timothy tells us in chapter 3 verse 16:

All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16)

Now just think about this. You’re sitting at the table or whatever setting you you find yourself in for you and your family. But you are allowed to there learn from God’s Word. He encourages you so that you may be taught something, retaught something, learn something that guides you through this life.

It’s used for rebuking so that even mom or dad they can say you know I have something to learn here I’m sorry for how I’ve treated my family. Son or daughter whoever is there they too know that rebuke with the law they have sinned. Which gives then the opportunity at family devotion time to hear Christ forgiveness. Centered in that forgiveness the family grows. It is corrected. It grows together and not just as individuals.

And of course then we are trained and righteousness through scripture. Think about what that means. The family learns how to live how to act and treat one another and those outside of their family. Giving the opportunity to share God’s Word but especially to focus together and grow in the Word. Now this also offers some other opportunities. At family devotion time this is great, we can talk about subjects that you probably wouldn’t normally have with other people. Awkward conversations maybe taboo conversation but this is the place to discuss it. This is the opportunity for children for parents for grandparents whoever is there to learn what the Lord has to teach us and that even with knowing how maybe we view culture we know that God is guiding us through the Holy Spirit to live our life in Christ’s name.

So take some time to have family devotion. You’ll just be amazed how much you grow together and not only that how much you grow together in Christ.