“Daddy, Hold You”


1 Corinthians 6:11

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The Gospel, the good news, of Jesus for sinners, it’s alive. It is active. Want you to consider it this way: probably many of you watching this have had the joy of watching little children or listening to little children learn how to speak. All kinds of fun and funny things come out of their mouths. I think with each one of my children I remember this specific phrase coming out:

Daddy, hold you. Daddy, hold you.

Might be after they skinned their knee or it could be after they’ve done something they’re very aware they were not to do and now they know they need consolation, but either way their words are endearing and they’re kind of comical.

They know they need to be consoled. They mean to be acted upon and picked up by their daddy but the words that come out suggest they would be the ones who are doing the acting. Holding me. What a dangerous thing for them.

God’s Word, the Gospel, is very active and Paul speaks of how this Word the Gospel is active for us. He says:

You were sanctified… by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 6:11)

You are sanctified the Gospel, the good news, of Jesus does the holding. It cradles you up from your misery from your sins and from your guilt it holds you to itself. It rescues you up out of your sins and sets you apart as God’s own dear possession. The Gospel is no inanimate thing it’s not like a stuffed animal that is only comforting to the degree that you hold it to yourself. The Gospel is alive and active holding onto you with the words and promises that give you Jesus that cradle you and all that he has done for you in his living, and his dying, and his rising. The Gospel sanctifies you. It holds on to you in Jesus. Lord sanctify us in this, your truth. Amen