Why Does the Devil Tempt Me?

1 Timothy 2:4

Pastor, why is the Devil always after us?

This can be a really great question because it feels like we haven’t done anything to the Devil. We haven’t taken anything, we haven’t harmed him in anyway. Why is it always tormenting us and tempting us?

Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but he just doesn’t like you. And actually it goes deeper than that. Satan has a hatred for our God. Since creation, Satan has always rebelled and fought against the desires of God and that’s really where it carries over to us. We find in first Timothy chapter two verse four that

[God] wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:4)

And so, of course, Satan wants the exact opposite. He doesn’t want you to know the truth. He doesn’t want you to be saved. He wants you to be destroyed so that God does not get what he desires. Sadly, we can kind of play right in the Satan’s plans. We can allow parts of our lives to be lived in opposition to God’s word and we can think foolishly that that won’t affect our relationship with him. We can have sins in our lives that we don’t struggle and fight against, but instead we just enjoy and we think it’s no big deal and Satan is getting just what he wants, because he knows that every sin, it harms our faith. It separates us from God and it really threatens that Salvation that God wants for us.

But know also that God’s will is not so easily silenced. He sent his only Son, Jesus to be our Savior. And Jesus, He faced all the temptations in the attacks of Satan as well, but he didn’t fail, not even one time. He remained perfect and went to the cross to erase all of the sins from our record.

Satan, he’s going to continue to attack and continue to try and destroy you, but God’s will is gonna continue to work as well. God gave us his word in the Bible where he gives us this knowledge of the truth which the Holy Spirit works in our hearts as he works repentance and this true saving faith. And this faith then claims us as God’s children whom he protects. Whom he forgives. Whom he promises eternal salvation.

Satan, he’s gonna keep attacking because it doesn’t like you. But God loves you, he is the almighty and he wants nothing more than for you to be with him forever in the kingdom of heaven. God bless us in this comforting truth. Amen.

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