Thank God for Freedom

John 15:13

No one has greater love than this: that someone lays down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)

On the last Monday of May every year the nation remembers the service and sacrifice of those who protect the freedoms that God has bestowed. We hate war, we hate the loss of life that it brings, however, we must not forget that when it is just, war brings blessings.

This world is corrupted by evil. Evil people would take away our God-given freedoms and rights. They must be resisted or we will lose those liberties. Thank God that there are men and women in the past and present who were and are willing to sacrifice everything so that we can live free.

Because of their sacrifice we can enjoy the freedom to worship the true God. Because of their service we can fearlessly proclaim the great sacrifice that God made when he gave us his Son. That he gave Jesus into death for us so that through him our sins are forgiven. Because of Jesus we are free of Satan’s tyranny, free of the guilt of sin, free even of death.

Don’t take this liberty for granted. Practice your religion. Gather together with Christians and hear God’s word. Hear him proclaim to you that in Jesus your sins are forgiven. Use that freedom also to tell others of his amazing life so that they too can enjoy this freedom.

It is right that we remember the sacrifice of those that have died so that we can live free. Pray for those who are protecting our country and willing to risk it all for us. Also practice your religion, remember what God has done for you in Jesus, and tell others about it, lest we forget. Amen.

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