Perfect Life, Perfect Love

John 19:26-27

As a pastor for quite a few years I’ve had the chance to serve people who have suffered from chronic pain. Usually it’s been from arthritis.

I’ve noticed that as the disease develops and their pain increases that their personality can change some—they’re no longer as bright and happy as they used to be. They’re no longer as kind with their words as they used to be.

The pain, it changes them. Jesus was very different though. In the midst of his pain on the cross he still loved all people and he demonstrated this in his love for his mother Mary. She and the disciple John were standing at the foot of the cross. When Jesus saw her he said:

“Woman, here is your son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Here is your mother!” – John 19:26-27

Jesus wanted to care for Mary after his death so he gave her to John to be as a mother to him. John cared for Mary and loved Mary in Jesus place.

Jesus truly lived a perfect life, even in the midst of pain and misery, Jesus loved. His perfect life, his perfect love has covered all of your sins.

He loves you too. As you reflect on his pain and suffering see that love. See how much he cares for you. Amen.

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