Morning Ritual

Psalm 90:14

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What’s your morning ritual?

Do you roll out of bed and make your way to the bathroom? Or do you go downstairs and turn on the coffee maker? Or maybe you simply roll over and pick up your phone and check your emails and notifications? What is your morning ritual?

It is important for us to have rituals in our lives and the morning is a very important time. It sets the tone for our whole day. Maybe that’s why Moses prayed in Psalm 90:

Satisfy us in the morning with your mercy,
so that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. –Psalm 90:14

Satisfy us in the morning with your mercy. God would love for you to have the ritual of hearing of his mercies every morning. He wants you to start out your day knowing that no matter how you fail that day, that in him your sins are forgiven. He wants the joy of his love to guide everything that you do every day.

So devotions like these can be a great blessing in the morning, to get up and hear that God loves us, because he sent Jesus to live and die for us so that we can live out our days in joy.

What will be your ritual tomorrow? Amen.