Calming Life’s Storms

Matthew 8:26

For a while, one of my daughters pretended that she could control the wind. She would joke to her siblings about being able to make it blow or stop.

That would be a pretty neat power to have wouldn’t it? I think we all have a fascination with being able to defy the laws of nature.

But who can really do that? It’s only really God.

Jesus was once on a boat with his disciples, sleeping. Suddenly a storm came up and the disciples were so afraid because the waves were crashing over the boat. They went to Jesus and said “Don’t you care? We’re gonna die!”

This was Jesus response:

He said to them, “Why are you afraid, you of little faith?” Then he got up, rebuked the wind and the sea, and there was a complete calm. —Matthew 8:26

Jesus had power over the wind. In fact, Jesus had power over all of the forces of nature, because He is God.

Now we may be critical of the disciples for not trusting that Jesus would protect them, but one thing we have to compliment them for is that they went to the person that could.

Maybe your life feels out of control. Things that you can’t change, things that you want to do, who should you go to? Go to the one who can defy the forces of nature and work all things for your good.

Go to Jesus. He not only can defy the forces of nature, he will, because he loves you. If it is truly good for you, Jesus will do it. So go to him assured that he loves you, because he was willing to die for you. Amen.

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